Advantages and Disadvantages

When choosing furniture, the biggest attention is usually dedicated to its materials and appearance. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Below we provide an overview of the peculiarities of natural wooden furniture.


  • Wooden furniture is traditional aesthetical furniture, which forms the image of an exceptional taste, luxury and stability.
  • Uniqueness – there are no similar wooden products, each is different in its colour, tone and texture. One can change the appearance himself and tune the object to the changing interior by varnishing and painting.
  • Wooden furniture is healthy and ecological, fit for allergic persons, does not require chemical cleaning, resistant to dirt, dust and static electricity.
  • Natural wood is a warm material therefore a home with wooden furniture is always cozier and more serene. Doors, made of natural wood provide good sound isolation.
  • Wooden furniture is robust and durable.
  • Wooden furniture can be repaired and restored to the initial appearance.


  • Sun, moisture and sudden temperature changes can impair the form and colour. However appropriately dried and processed wood is more robust than plastic or aluminum.
  • The surface can be damaged by sharp objects, stains can remain in case water, alcohol or other coloured liquids are spilt and not cleaned properly. Please, consult our wood care guide for keeping the perfect appearance of your wooden furniture.

Wood gets darker with time. Varnishing and painting can restore the initial colour, although the dark colour of furniture is a symbol of luxury and stability. Quite frequently furniture is aged artificially.