Care of Wooden Furniture

Natural wooden furniture will give your house warmth, coziness, aesthetics, however, as any other object, it requires appropriate care.

Inside Furniture

  • Wooden furniture should not be placed near a radiator, conditioner or a window.
  • In case water is spilled on the surface, it should be wiped outright, since it can leave white stains and liquids, containing alcohol or chemical substances, can damage the trimming.
  • In winter the air inside can be too dry therefore in case the moisture drops down to 55 per cent, the air should be moisture conditioned.
  • When cleaning the furniture, attempt to apply as less friction as possible. Special cleaning solvents, such as soapy water, special oils, sponges and wipes, would be of use.

Outside Furniture

  • The garden decorative elements can loose their colour and shape due to moisture, temperature and wind, therefore coat them with an impregnant, intended for wood protection.
  • When using wooden furniture outside, we would recommend storing it under a shelter. In winter wooden furniture should be brought inside or stored on a sheltered terrace in order for the furniture not to crack. After winter the wood will be of the same appearance as in the previous summer.

Once per 2-3 years wooden furniture should be cleaned and re-varnished or coated with special oil, intended for wood and soak-proofed.