How to Choose

Most fear that natural wooden furniture can rot, deform and lose its initial colour. Some of the aforementioned problems can be avoided by properly taking care of the furniture. Certain doubts may be substantiated only in case the furniture is made of inappropriate or badly dried and processed wood.

Durima UAB cuts, dries and produces the wood products itself. Therefore, we perfectly know all the characteristics of wood and are responsible for the high quality of our products. We provide guarantee for all our doors and furniture.

When choosing natural wood products, one should examine them with care – the wood should be well polished, its edges and surfaces should be even. In case you purchase varnished doors or furniture – check whether they gloss evenly.

Check the tightness of the structure, drawing the attention to auxiliary fastening elements, sit down on the chair and check the table’s stability.

When purchasing a table for your house or garden, it is important to plan the space and location of the furniture correctly. The chairs, which are going to be positioned by the table, will additionally occupy about 60 cm, in addition about 1 meter of free space should be left behind the chairs.